Website Design

Website Design & Development

BT works with wide demographic of clients. Each client has specific requirements for their website, which is ideal for their customers. BT builds a website that is unique for every client with a hands-on approach, which gives an insight of the creative development process in every stage.

Website Design Process

BrandTrumpet the right way to design your website right. 

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Discovery & Strategy Phase

Expert website design project starts with detailed discovery and strategy phase by web design team. The Web design team of web strategists, account managers, web designers, and technical managers first get to know their client more to better understand their requirements. A report is maintained throughout the process of discovery and strategy phase.

UX Planning & Information Architecture

After the Discovery & Strategy Phase comes the UX (User Experience) and IA (Information Architecture) phase which is the blueprint phase of the project. This is where the website really takes its shape with the features, functionalities, user path flows, and specification document is wireframed and documented

Creative Design Mockups led by Website Designer

In this phase, website designers add some pizazz to the website. Web designers create a storyboard for the clients to know more about the theme, colours, fonts and pictures to be used on the website.

Coding & Development

At coding and development, the front-end coding is done in HTML5 and CMS (content management system). The website is designed to user-friendly to be used in different screens, from mobile to tablet to desktop and designed to be active for the client’s use.

Quality Assurance & Testing

For a quality and active website, testing should be done at every stage of development. Mandatory testing will be done in various screen types to avoid any kind of time lag and loading issues. In addition to testing, the site is secure and SEO optimized.

Launch & Optimisation

Next is the big launch of the website, where the system administrator takes the custom created website live. The system administrator also monitors its performance and see if it works the way it was designed. Our work is not done after the launch, we carefully track the user behaviours and improve in a way to increase the conversion rate.


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