Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Marketing the right content is not enough, we market for the intended audience. By knowing the right social media portal, frequency and post time we are able to reach the right demographic for the best conversion rates.

Our Unique Social Approach


  • Research

    We learn more about your brand and the target audience to increase your sales.

  • Collaborate

    Social media paid boost and the content works together for a better result from the campaign.

  • Audience Building

    List of targeted audience is created for email campaigns. Detailed documentation of tracking pixels and online behaviour are reported.

  • Re-targeting

    We re-target the audiences who have visited your website previously. We also use tracking pixels for intended audience for re-targeting ads.

  • Ongoing Optimization

    We carefully study the behaviour of the ads, images and the audiences to improve the customer retention.

  • Determine Main Goals

    For a good social media campaign, we always start with a goal or the height of online presence. At this stage, we gather more information as possible before executing the campaign process.

  • Build Communities, Brand & Revenue

    Having the feel of online community is as important as online presence and conversion rates. Having an online community for your brand gives the client active knowledge of their customer’s needs. This is possible by blogging, social media and ads.

  • Reporting

    We create weekly sales and activity report on conversion rates, cost per engagement and relevancy.