Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Grow your ROI with Custom Reporting

BrandTrumpet takes pride in delivering custom reports directly to clients.

Brandtrumpet is the leading Internet Marketing Company. With immense fulfilment, we provide you with custom reports directly to the clients. During the initial consultation, we learn about you and your business requirements.

BT then determines your campaign goals and create reports that measure success. BrandTrumpet facilitates you to learn that you’re gaining on website traffic via our strategy of online marketing.

Google Certifications

At BT, all our project managers and consultants are required to pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam. More than a qualification exam, it gives an in-depth knowledge on tools to analyze website traffic. Google Analytics gives you the following information:

  • List of top keywords for search.
  • Details on site traffic.
  • Number of direct visitors to the site.

With this information you can root out the problems from your site, thereby increasing your conversion rates. Google Analytics will also give you the ability to learn how your visitors are interacting with your site. Apart from the Google analytics qualification exam, our team of project managers goes through series of SEO and social media marketing training program conducted by our Directors. Your success comes from our team, so we invest in our team by training them towards your success.

Offsite Reporting

Apart from the reports on your website, project managers and consultants concentrate social media sites as well. Reports from these sites are obtained by either company online presence or via paid engagement.

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