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Does your company need buzz? We can get you exposure fast!

Expert publicists at BrandTrumpet can create the buzz you need for your company to reach maximum exposure. We handle both digital and traditional public relations tactics successfully. Featuring your brand in influential blogs, social media sites and national publications for maximum exposure.

Benefits of PR Include

  • Rise above competitors by focusing on media placement strategy.
  • Knowledge about your company’s product or services.
  • PR increase value to your traditional advertising.
  • Positive and influential image of your company.
  • The increase in social media followers.
  • Bigger segmented email list.
  • Higher SEO visibility.
  • The positive online reputation of the company.

BrandTrumpet PR Services

BrandTrumpet has the ability to customize PR services for the individual company by our experienced senior staff.

Media Outreach and Relations

The combination of media outreach and media relations results in a stronger brand image.

General Market and Hispanic Media Blogger and Social Media Influencer Outreach

BT is a bilingual company, our expert publicist can target media, bloggers, and influencers in Tamil, Hindi and English. A successful PR campaign includes influencers to create a positive impact on your brand SEO.

Community Outreach

BrandTrumpet helps you be in a relationship with the community and better understand their brand expectations. We have expert writers to create campaigns and posts that are engaging with the community. Social media plays an essential part while trying to connect with the public and BT helps you with maximum exposure.

Copywriting – Press releases, Website Content, Ghost Writing, Blogs, Media Kits, Speeches, Case Studies and Articles

BrandTrumpet has the knack to write contents in your voice that gives a positive impact to the public.

Translation and Regional Marketing

Earning the trust for your brand in a different geographic location than yours is difficult. BrandTrumpet makes it easy for you by translating the information of your brand to your customer’s native language. The public will start trusting you more than your competitors. Translation is not mechanical when it comes to BrandTrumpet, we understand and feel the culture before the translation even happens.

Media Training

The key to successful PR is maximum exposure of the brand. BT specializes in representing your brand in their suitable tone, positive interview experience and company representation in the public’s eye.

Media Tours

One easy way to reach the public is via digital and traditional media. Having these pre-arranged, face-to-face meetings, we allow reporters, editors, writers, and producers to experience your brand firsthand. Let them be your designated spokesperson to then write about it.

Press conferences

The most popular and engaging way to reach the public. A Press conference is an efficient way to spread your message to the public or the intended market.

Brand activations

Brand activations can develop a long-term relationship with the customers by interacting with them. This bond between you and customer is essential to retain a customer. We arrange digital campaign to in-store sampling campaigns to engage with your customers

Special event production

BrandTrumpet has experts to cover all events such as seminar, gathering or an elaborate gala, event logistics and event public relations.

Crisis communications

BRandTrumpet is always prepared for the uncertain situations. Every business comes with a risk. Our professionals are talented to handle any crisis and save your online reputation any given day.

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