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offers email marketing services that are tailored to your individual business and integrated with your overall quarterly marketing strategy.

Custom email marketing for your businesses based on offers email marketing services that are tailored to your individual business and integrated with your overall quarterly marketing strategy. Email marketing is Millennial’s version of direct mail campaign. Email marketing campaign fetches good ROI, reaching the right target, inexpensive and eco-friendly.
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Our Email Marketing Service is Like No-Other

We’re a one-stop shop for end-to-end direct email marketing. Here’s a list of services that our award-winning company provides:

E-mail Blast – At BT we send E-mails to target customers either for a brand or new products.
E-mail Segmentation – We will segment your E-mail list as per your targeted audience and send them a promotional E-mail.
E-mail Personalization – People are most likely to read personalized E-mail than a generic one.   We personalize E-mails for your targeted audience.
E-mail Automation – As a business owner you might have a lot of things happening around, a little bit of automation may put you at ease. We help you automate timely E-mails and response.
Mobile – Optimized Campaigns – We will make your site optimized for mobile devices and user-friendly to read E-mails.
Campaign Management – At BT, we will create personalized E-mail either to promote your brand or release of a new product.
Geotargeting – We will develop a market strategy for your product based on their location.
List Management – Segmenting an E-mail is not just enough, perfecting the list to add and remove people to the list is necessary.
A/B Testing – We will try different alternative tests until you get what you paid for.
Landing Pages – At BT, we optimize your landing page to get more conversion rates.
Exit Pop-ups – We help you get more subscribers for your website by attention-grabbing pop-ups.
Creative Services – Custom and creative design to boost sales.
Copywriting – At BT, our copywriters tempt readers to click on your call to action more than ever.
Reporting – We will provide you with the detailed analytics report and give you an insight of what you’re getting for the money.

Is Using an Email Marketing Company Worth It?

Email marketing has the highest conversion rate compared to other forms of the campaign. I am sure that spammers have spoiled your path of email marketing, but it makes more money than another campaign. It is a popular digital marketing strategy.

For every Rs.100 spent you make Rs.2500. According to McKinsey reports email marketing is at least three times higher than social media marketing. Email marketing fetches about 3800% of ROI. Email marketing is definitely worth your money and time.
Bottom line: Email marketing will boost your bottom line.

Email Deployments

BT is a pioneer in personalized email marketing. Say, your business is coming up with a new product, offers or sales, we will send out a personalized email to your segmented email list.
To maintain a long-term relationship with your potential clients, we will send out custom created email newsletter.

Email Marketing Service for Advanced Segmentation

We are one of the best email marketing companies out there. We go an extra mile by creating an intended email marketing list. We help you increase your relationship with your customers, boost your conversion rates and highest ROI, by email marketing strategy. We segment your distribution list based on:

  • Behavior – Did the website visitor make a purchase or just click the link?
  • E-commerce activity – What types of products/categories is the website visitor interested in?
  • Campaign activity – Did the person opened or replied to emails in the past?
  • Email client – Is the person using Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, or an iPhone?
  • Geo Targeting – Location of the person.
  • Poll/Survey activity – Did the visitor participate in a recent poll or survey earlier?
  • Sign up source – Did the visitor signup via email pop-up, referral, or some other way?

Location in the sales funnel – Is the person in the sales funnel?

Social Profiles

We create the segmented email list by getting insight from your social media followers, information from these followers are fairly easy since it is not private. We get to know if they like your brand and learn more about your subscribers.

Then we send the campaign email to the targeted audience.
We also make a list of the most influential subscribers or who has more followers on social media. Then use that information to send a promotional email that could go viral.

Email Automation

Say, you want to email the customers who abandoned your website with products in the cart. You can’t email every single customer, being a business owner and you might have a lot on your plate. We help you setup automated email response.

At BT, email response to people with abandoned carts is part of email marketing. This lets you put your effort on more important things.

We help you automate for the following events:

  • On the event of expiring subscription of online service.
  • After the end of the subscription.
  • A “welcome” email when new customers sign up.

An Email Marketing Company with an ROI Focus

You started this business to make money. Email marketing makes more money than other alternatives. We adapt Experian’s method of transactional emails which have more opens than any other type of email.

According to Epsilon Email Institute ‘business as usual’ emails have a lower number of clicks than automated emails that average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates. Our emails will definitely create a positive impact on your customers.

Mobile Responsive Email Marketing Service for Each Campaign

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Video Increases Engagement

At BT, we don’t just add text content, pictures and pop ups. We add videos that are suitable for your business. It is true that adding video increases engagement with the website. According to Implex, adding a video to introductory email increase the conversion rate by 96%. Also

Forrester stated that including a video in email interest’s people to read the email. Likewise, ReelSEO says that videos on homepage increase conversion rates by 20%. Unbounce stated that conversion rate increases by 80% when a video is added to the landing page. At BT, we use videos in email marketing to add an extra touch to increase your sales.

Email Maketing Reporting

At BT, we give you a detailed report of all the data that is required to monitor email campaign’s performance. Following will be listed in the report:

  • Audience Segment – Campaign designed for a particular demographic.
  • Total Recipients – Email sent to list of people.
  • Successful deliveries – List of people who received the email.
  • Soft bounces – Email bounces because of the full mailbox, a down server or large message.
  • Hard bounces – Email bounces due to an invalid email address.
  • Times forwarded – Emails forwarded to other recipients.
  • Forwarded opens – Forwarded email that was opened.
  • Unique open – Email that was opened at least once.
  • Open rate – Percentage of people opened the email.
  • Unique clicks – People clicked on the call to action link at least once.
  • Click rate – percentage of people clicked on the call to action link.
  • Unsubscribes – List of people unsubscribed from the segmented list.
  • Form leads generated – People subscribed to your email via a website provided by your website.
  • Total conversions – Transaction made after sending the email.
  • Email campaign conversion rate – Percentage of people who bought products.
  • Landing page conversion rate – Percentage of people who became a customer on your landing page.
  • Exit overlay conversion rate – Percentage of people who subscribed to your email list after a pop-up.
  • Sales revenue earned – Profit made after the email campaign.
  • ROI – Amount earned divided by the amount invested.

What Is Our Email Marketing Service Process?

At BT, we follow step-by-step email marketing plan to get the desired result. Here’s how we work with our clients:

  • Initial consultation – Experienced marketing team meet with our clients and get to know their requirements. Provide them with strategy and campaign plans.
  • Copywriting and creative development – List of the suitable marketing message and image to increase conversion.
  • List management – Segment email list and begin automation process.
  • Campaign setup – Provide you with exit intent pop-up to increase subscribers and a right landing page to increase conversions.
  • A/B test setup – Split tests to ensure the right marketing strategy.
  • Tracking – Analytics and reporting to monitor how the campaign is performing.
  • Test approvals – Opportunity to choose options from split testing.
  • Deployment – Send out an email blast and monitor the results.
  • Reporting – Review analysis report after a week to suggest few changes to attain the conversions.

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