Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

BT has a team of experts in the field of conversion rate optimization has worked on hundreds of websites to increase conversion rates on home pages, landing pages, category pages, product pages and checkout processes. We do specialize in mobile CRO with a good success rate.

Our CRO Process

BT uses various CRO process to improve your conversion rate. Some of the proven methods include as A/B testing, website testing, and conversion funnel optimization. With a combination of testing tools, experience, and website audit we ensure your increase in the number of customers.

1st Step

Overall Website Audit for Quick Wins

Overall Website Audit for Quick Wins

Website review during the initial audit will ensure quick wins.

4th Step

Mobile CRO Audit

Mobile CRO Audit

BT excels in mobile CRO and at this stage, we do a full review on mobile CRO. With our unique Google Analytics mobile review process and constant guidance, we have seen conversion rates of over 50%.

2nd Step

Analytics Conversion Rate Audit

Analytics Conversion Rate Audit

Location, demographic, traffic source, and device are considered to determine where and why the conversion rates vary. This gives you a reason to improvise at your weakest point.

5th Step

Checkout Process CRO Audit

Checkout Process CRO Audit

During this phase, we review every single step of your checkout process and advise you to avoid steps, new technologies, auto-fill forms, design and copy changes and more to improve conversion rates. Not long ago we introduced some changes to a client's funnel, increasing over 300% in conversion rates and millions more in sales each year.

3rd Step

Desktop CRO Audit

Desktop CRO Audit

We use a combination of real data, creating a segment in analytics, industry knowledge and book of CRO service experiments to review the desktop conversion rate optimization.

6th Step



At BrandTrumpet, we suggest new tests for your website to improve your conversion rates. We also have a list of proven test methods to gain conversion rates.

7th Step

Ongoing Support & Advanced Strategies

Ongoing Support & Advanced Strategies

Online marketing is constantly evolving, we help you rise above your rivals. BT is always improvising on CRO strategies and ongoing support to reap conversion rates.

CRO Services

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What Is an Analytics Review?

Google Analytics is a popularly used tool by digital marketers to evaluate the performance of their website. It tracks data on website visits, a number of people visited the site and demographic.Analytics review gives you an idea of people who have an affinity towards your brand. We also collect data on the most visited page of your website. Via Google Analytics we’ll setup goals in the conversion section. Later study the behaviour of the site with different improvisations on the website. We also review your exit pages and the pages with the highest bounce rate, follow the strategy that works.

What Is a Desktop Conversion Rate Optimization Audit?

Although it’s the Mobile Era, there are still plenty of people who visit websites with a desktop or laptop computer. That’s why you need to ensure that your site is optimized for desktop traffic. The Ignite team will do a full conversion rate optimization review of your desktop website.

  • Regular review of your desktop website entails.
  • Choosing the right images, text, and calls to action.
  • Reorganizing pages after reviewing the Google Analytics in-page analytics report.
  • Timely conversion rate tests.
  • Design ideas for the site.
  • Creating urgency in your landing pages and using advanced strategies such as timers.

And more…

What Is a Mobile Conversion Rate Optimization Audit?

Be it an iPhone or Android most of the Google search is done via either of the mobile devices. You don’t want to lose sale a because of the poorly optimized mobile site. It is equally important to optimize both mobile and desktop websites.

At BT we use Google Analytics to make the mobile site user-friendly, the last thing you want is a sluggish site. We do a 20-page analysis of your mobile site, increasing conversion rate.

What Is a Funnel and Checkout Process Review?

Digital marketing is essential to bring people into sales funnel and then lead them all the way through it. We look into the intended audience for your product and the demographic it’s actually reaching. According to the report, we make some changes and get you profitable return in the capital. We help you follow trends, a number of shopping cart abandonment, checkout process and determine the paying customers from the existing landing page. We provide a report after analyzing both mobile and desktop site users.
One of our client starting Rs. 35,00,000 more a month after resolving an issue with Samsung Galaxy S6, where there were zero conversion rates from mobile site users.

What Is Ongoing Conversion Support?

Campaign for a brand or a product is just not enough. Apart from the sales strategy, constant performance study and monthly audits of the website are required. This study will give you an insight on where improvement is required to raise conversion rate optimization.

Our digital strategists keep up with the on trend online marketing, makes the necessary changes to be better than your rivals. Instead of settling for one option, we give you split-testing alternatives to arrive the suitable strategies for gain in conversion rates.

What Is Split Testing?

Having plan ‘B’ is wise, but what if plan ‘C’ and rest of the alphabets. Exercising alternative test to determine the right one for your website is ideal. With the technological development, we have the luxury of performing a split test or A/B testing. As the name suggests, one-half of the website is covered by one test and second half of the website by another test. Google Analytics is used by digital marketers to increase conversion rate.

BT will help you decide on the alternative that will affect the conversion rate, including:

  • Landing page design
  • Call to action text
  • Call to action placement
  • Call to action color
  • Copywriting
  • Timers, images, messaging and more

Finding the right strategies is not the end, constant improvement is done by running split tests.

What Is a Landing Page and Site Review?

Designing a website that is appealing to a targeted audience is salient as other strategies. The first impression is the best impression, the landing page must be appealing and user-friendly for the customer’s visiting your site. When the customers hate the website at first visit, customers are never going to buy any product. The choice of color scheme, theme, font and images are few deciding factors in maximizing the conversion of the website. Every customer visiting your website must have a positive impression of your brand. In BT, we create visitor based models based on brand, result from these models are used to design the website that is appropriate for the entire marketing strategy.