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Amazon SEO is predominantly taken over Internet marketing. This Amazon internet marketing frenzy started when Google named Amazon as their biggest competitor. People are making more money out of Amazon.

At BrandTrumpet is the place for Amazon and Google search engine optimization. We also provide a suite of marketing services to increase your Amazon sales. Our Amazon SEO consultants are experts on consultants advanced on-page Amazon SEO, external optimization, products ranking in Amazon and Amazon advertising services.

Amazon Keyword Strategy

Listing products to the relevant category.
Maximum keyword strategy.

SEO for Amazon Product Description

Keyword optimized product description.
Strong sales copy causing users to buy
Product description anticipating customer’s FAQ
Improving from the review of other bad product
Listing main points that address main concerns of customers
Featuring the perks of the product

Price Optimization

Review competitors prices
Determine the best price to set

Headline Optimization

Catchy product headlines and optimization.
Subheadings to targeting additional keywords
Image Optimization
High-quality and clear photos to product
Short video clip of the product

Amazon Paid Promotion

Newsletter for the brand
Promotional press release for new product
Discounts, offer coupons and deal for the product.
Review for purchased product

Ad Spend

Sponsored products by Amazon
Facebook promoted posts
Promoted Pinterest pins
Google AdWords

Integrate Amazon SEO with your Other Marketing

BrandTrumpet has a team of experts to consolidate your Amazon SEO services into a full marketing plan. We also have an array of tool options for driving traffic and sales online.

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